31-Year-Old Man Invited an 89-Year-Old Neighbor to Live with Him & Spend Her Last Days Together

This is the most amazing story about an unusual friendship that lasted shortly but brought so much positivity and happiness. It’s touching and inspiring. It shows the power of kindness.

Chris Salvatore, 31, moved into a new city and the first person he made friends with was the then- 89-year-old neighbor, Norma Cook. This lovely lady lived with her cat and needed continuous care.

Chris liked her right away and he decided to invite her into his home and be there for her to help her out.

Among other health issues, Cook also had leukemia. Her medical bills rose and soon they became more than she was able to afford.

Kind Neighbor Helps Out His 89-Year-Old Neighbor During a Hard Time

The first thing Chris did was launch a GoFundMe page for his beloved neighbor. People loved that he wanted to help her out and donations started flowing in.

The quality time that Chris and Norma spent together was also visible on Chris’s Instagram. They did so many activities together and were like a family.

But both were aware these moments wouldn’t last forever. Norma was given only several years. For Chris, although Norma is no longer here, the unique bond they’ve had will be part of him forever.

He explains that the precious time they spent together taught him about deep love and respect. Norma was someone who brought people together.

The almost-400K followers of Chris were saddened by the news of Norma’s passing, but they expressed their support for Chris who did everything in his power to ensure she had the best time during her last days.

Kindness & Respect Matter more than One May Think

This positive story is the perfect example that we need to treat everyone with respect. It doesn’t matter if it’s our relative or neighbor. We’re all humans.

Chris wrote on his social media that Norma was one of the most inspiring people he knew and that he hopes she’s resting in peace. Though she’s physically gone, for Chris, she’s part of so many people’s hearts, including his own.