This Three-Year-Old Boy Survived Two Days in the Freezing Wilderness & Says a Bear Kept Him Warm

This three-year-old boy survived two freezing cold nights in the forest alone. He told the police and his family that a friendly bear helped him out and kept him warm.

The boy was rescued after rescuers responded to reports of a baby heard crying near Casey Hathaway. He was caught up in thorny bushes and was very cold and soaked.

But he was safe and rescued on a Thursday night. The boy went missing on a Tuesday; the weather was so bad that the search had to be postponed.

The Boy Claims a Bear Helped Him Out

The boy was lost in the woods of North Carolina where there are really a lot of black bears. The sheriff of Craven County, Chip Hughes, explains that Casey told them of a “friend in the woods that was a bear” who made him company.

The same story was also reported by the aunt of the boy, Breanna Hathaway. She wrote on her social media that the boy told them that he hung out with a bear for two days.

According to Hughes, the boy had been playing with two other kids in the backyard of his grandma but didn’t come inside with them and was then reported missing.

The poor weather and worries that Casey wasn’t properly dressed for the cold resulted in a search with helicopters, K9 units and divers, and drones. Hundred of volunteers also came to help in the search.

But, as the wind and rain were so bad, the authorities asked the volunteers to stay away. According to Hughes, the boy’s a survivor. The rescuers had to go through waist-high water to get to him.

Yet, he had only a couple of scratches and was just looking for his momma and some water.