This 10-Year-Old Mexican Girl with an IQ higher than Einstein’s Aspires to Become an Astronaut

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are some of the most intelligent people who’ve ever been born. However, another name has been added to this list: one 10-year-old Adhara Perez Sanchez from Mexico.

She’s believed to have surpassed the IQ of Einstein and Hawking and reportedly scored 162 on the test whereas that of these geniuses was 160. This smart girl didn’t have it easy; at the age of three, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

She Didn’t Have an Easy Start but Is Headed to Greatness

Being on the autism spectrum increased the risk of problems with the girl’s social interactions. And, she was frequently teased at school. Her peers would bully her and call her names like ‘oddball’ and ‘weirdo’.

Her mom told the media that the girl fell into a deep depression and refused to go to school. Her mom knew how uniquely smart her girl was and recognized that the schooling plan isn’t right for her daughter and took her to therapy.

The experts there realized her intelligence and her family was advised to check the girl’s IQ. She also needed proper education that will fit her unique needs.

The amazing girl finished elementary by the age of five, middle school by the age of 6, and high school by the age of 8. She’s now earning two degrees online. One is in industrial engineering in mathematics and the other is in systems engineering.

The Child Genius Does Not Stop Impressing the Public

Perez Sanchez also wrote a book about her experiences or Do Not Give Up. The girl was featured in Mexico’s 100 Most Powerful Women list in Mexico by Forbes.

She’s currently focused on developing a smart bracelet that would monitor the feelings of kids with different abilities and help them anticipate and avert outbursts and seizures.

When asked about her future plans, the ambitious girl wants to enroll at the University of Arizona, her dream school. She’s currently studying English and is eager to explore astrophysics and one day become an astronaut.

Her dream may be closer than she imagines as she’s been invited by the Alabama Aeronautics Program to study Space Science at NASA!