Dad, Age 54, Looks so Young & Gets Mistaken for the Boyfriend of His Step Daughter

This man in his 50s looks much younger so people frequently think he’s the boyfriend of his stepdaughter when they’re out in public together. Edson Brandao is 54, yet looks like he’s in his 20s.

He’s an influencer, personal coach, and writer from Groningen, the Netherlands, and claims that he never had any plastic surgeries or corrections.

The 54-Year-Old Dad Who Looks like He’s in His Twenties

Brandao says that his good looks are a result of his positive mindset, regular exercise, proper skin care, and healthy diet. He had developed a complex from looking less slim than his friends and this was the turning point.

For him, his good appearance is a result of the important decision he made three decades ago. However, things get “messy” at times, especially when Brandao is in public with his stepdaughter: people often think that he’s the boyfriend, not the stepdad.  

This can be embarrassing at times, he explains. Brandao is the eldest of his brothers. They’re aged 52, 28, and 27. When they’re together, people often ask his dad if Brandao is the youngest.

One time when Brandao was visiting Switzerland, he was flagged by the order police because they didn’t believe him that he was forty at the time. When they checked his passport, they were surprised that it was him and that it wasn’t forged.

And, believe it or not, the police asked him why does he look so young! Other than a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and good food, he had no other “secret” to reveal.

Brandao claims he doesn’t smoke or use drugs. He’s never followed any strict diets, but rather eats everything that’s good in a moderate manner. He consumes a lot of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and fish.

He also does 40 minutes of aerobics and 60 minutes of weights. He also meditates twice per week and this is how he lowers stress and boosts his wellbeing. He consumes between 2000 and 2500 calories per day to keep a healthy weight.

He’s Influencing His Social Media Followers to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Since the start of the pandemic, Edson has helped thousands of individuals worldwide lead a healthier lifestyle, exercise more, and eat healthier foods.

He’s their motivation for a happier life. It was a hard time for people, explained Brandao, so he used his social media platforms to be their inspiration.

There was a lot of depression in the pandemic and lockdowns, yet he did his best to encourage them to follow their dreams regardless of their age. He inspired them to look at the bright side of life and focus on overcoming their struggles.

He emphasizes that no matter the age, a person can make the decision to live healthier and there’s no such thing as “too late”. Healthy food, eight hours of sleep, and regular walks and exercise are what people need to feel better.

But he doesn’t exclude the pleasures of life from time to time, like travel, desserts, and intimacy.