Amazing: 300 Bales of Hay Donated to Kentucky Farmers Hit by the Tornadoes

Hundreds of hay bales were packed and ready to go from Lanesville to the west of Kentucky to assist the farmer victims of the deadly tornadoes.

According to Madyson Richey, a Scottsburg high school student, this feels personal. They got hit by a strong tornado at their family farm. 

The animals are good, but she thought that down there where it’s horse country and there’s also cattle that they’ll need all the help they can get.

She helped in gathering the donations. 

Farmers Need All the Help They Can Get after the Tornadoes 

She contacted the Southern Indiana farms and businesses to get hay that will assist the farmers near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. On a Tuesday, semi-trucks with more than 300 hay bales and 17 feed pallets got together at Hay Day Inc. to pack up and leave for Hudson John Deere store in Kentucky for the delivery.

According to the owner of Hay Day Inc. Robert Schickel, the company is more than happy to be of aid and he has been in contact with several farmers who’ve lost their barns and hay in the tornadoes. 

He explains that he can relate to them. They’ve had two tornadoes at the farm as well as a fire. The community came through and did the same for them. This moved him deeply.

What’s more, the Frazier History Museum and the Mercer Transportation teamed up with other people in the west of Kentucky who’ve been hit by consecutive tornadoes. The farmers got bales of hay because hay is necessary for animals to lay down in a warm place and it’s also a food source for many of them.

According to Dale Corum from Mercer Transportation, animals need food and a warm place to lay. They’re often overlooked in situations like this; however, they need to be protected the same as humans. 

The visitors to Frazier History Museum have donated more than $4000 to the tornado relief fund.