Man Pays for 60000 Pounds of PEI Potatoes to Be Sent to Montrealers in Need

This man purchased and later shipped 60000 pounds of PEI potatoes to a Canadian charity that helps feed Montrealers in need.

Mac Watson from Montreal who grew up in a farming community outside of the city has been a supporter of the Welcome Hall Mission for years now.

This charity helps provide clothing, food, safe housing, and healthcare to people in need. 

Watson Donates 60000 Pounds of PEI Potatoes to the Charity 

According to Watson, when he heard about the US export ban on the PEI potatoes and the inventory at risk of becoming waste, he decided to buy the potatoes himself and send them to Montreal. For him, this was a win-win decision. 

He donated $15000-worth shares to the Welcome Hall Mission to cover the costs of purchasing the 60000 pounds of potatoes and sending them to Montreal. 

The charity will use the potatoes to feed those in need rather than the potatoes ending up in landfills. 

To achieve this, Watson contacted the charity and made a plan together. Then, he talked to a friend with PEI roots. The former senator Mike Duffy helped him get in touch with the company’s board and then made the arrangements for the transport. 

The charity emphasizes that this donation is one-of-a-kind and it’s helpful for not just their clients, but also for the farmers on the Island. 

The Effort Is Already Inspiring Others to Do Something Similar 

According to Sam Watts, the CEO of the group, they don’t like seeing farmers not getting compensation for the good work they’ve done and they dislike seeing precious food ending up in landfills. 

Watts explains that the potatoes will be distributed to their hot meal program that serves 1200 meals on a daily basis and their free-of-charge grocery stores used by more than 2500 individuals weekly. 

Watts doesn’t think they’ve solved the potato issue but at least it’s a strong effort. They’re hoping, as well as their donor, that others will be inspired to make something similar. 

Watson is proud that this donation made it to the front page of the Montreal Gazette and hopes that this attention might inspire others to help Island farmers. Some of his friends already called him, asking if they could do something similar.