Bagel Shop Owner Shaves His Head to Show a Loyal Customer that She Is Not Alone

When kids come to his Sunrise Bagels shop in Wyckoff, N.J., the owner Sam Aggarwal always has free cookies lined up for the children. 

However, from all of the grateful kids with their hands reaching for cookies, one stood up because she looked weary when she said thank you. 

This girl is ten-year-old Megan Ragucci who went to Sunrise Bagels several times during a month purchasing bagels for her dad or mom for the past two years.

Aggarwal Realizes Ragucci Needed Something Special

In first grade, Ragucci lost her hair because of alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune illness that causes a complete hair loss and a cure doesn’t yet exist. 

Her mom says that Megan copes with her baldness like a hero, but it still hurts her when people stare at her. Some even think she’s ill and ask her if she has cancer. And, this can be weary on a child, her mother explains.

According to Aggarwal, he picked up on this in-store when Megan visited. He realized she needed something special and as he was sitting in his office, wondering what he could do to help put a smile on the girl’s face and lift up her spirits.

He decided to show his solidarity and compassion by shaving his head too. He thought this is the best thing he could do for the sweet girl. Aggarwal has been in the bagel business for 17 years and is blessed with a head full of thick hair.

He informed his wife about the decision and she was very supportive, although she always liked his dark locks. He told her that when he shaves it off, he will keep it like that because he has a choice whereas many people don’t. 

He Wanted Megan to Know That She Is Not Alone

He did it so that Megan can know when she comes into his store that there will be another person without any hair on their head, just like her. 

Several days after, Aggarwal saw Megan’s dad in the shop and told him his plan. The dad was on board and then went home and told his wife and Megan. 

The mom was amazed that Aggarwal would do this to make her daughter happy and she was deeply touched that he doesn’t leave her facing her baldness alone. 

Megan was also amazed and said how he’s a nice man who gives her chocolate chips when she’s at the store. 

She found it cool that he wants to be bald like she is.

She went into the shop and hugged him and Aggarwal told her that we need more love in this world. Ragucci’s hairstylist had the honors to shave Aggarwal’s hair and Megan was also there. Aggarwal loved looking at Megan’s smile, it was priceless and he’s never seen her happier.

When she visits the bagel shop, Megan has a big smile for Aggarwal and plenty of confidence because of his actions. Megan’s family says they can never thank him enough for this compassionate act.