73-Year-Old Woman Finds True Love in the Pandemic: Shares a Photo of Her Engagement Ring

Carol M. Hack is a happy 73-year-old woman who recently shared that she found true love in the middle of the pandemic. 

According to her Twitter bio, Hack is a nurse, attorney, educator, and rights advocate. She recently tweeted about her discovery of true love in her 70s, during the pandemic.

She wrote that life is strange and that after almost four decades of marriage, she never expected to be single at the age of 70. And, she certainly didn’t expect to find true love now, in the midst of a pandemic!

Life is so unpredictable, don’t you agree?

Hack Shares Her Happiness with Her Followers 

Hack tweeted about her happiness and love and also posted a photo of her hand with the engagement ring she got from her fiance. People loved that she found happiness and her post got liked more than a million times!

People showered her with comments congratulating her on her engagement and best wishes for her new chapter in life. 

Others also shared their stories about finding love again. She also shared some information with her followers about her fiance and also the reasons why she was suddenly single in the 7th decade of her life.

Hack Believes Their Matching Is Pure Luck 

She said how finding her current partner was the result of pure luck. She found one good response on Match. This was a college professor her age and a person with a similar faith. 

Though rare, these things can happen, she reminded her followers. However, she said how she didn’t lose her husband, but rather kicked him out when she discovered he was cheating on her and never looked back.

Indeed, this story is proof that it’s never too late for love-the universal language!