4 Types of Men Who Cheat & How to Spot Them

Whether it’s online or at the local bar, there are plenty of ways to meet potential partners. 

However, just because a man is attentive, persistent, and without a wedding ring, it doesn’t actually mean that he’s really available.

To know for real, Dr. Paul DePompo, psychologist and director of the CBT Institute of Southern California, emphasizes the four types of men who tend to cheat.

By recognizing these men easier, you can be prepared for your next dating plan better. If you happen to meet some of these types, stay away!

4 Types of Men Who Cheat & How to Spot Them

  1. The Deprived One

This man struggles with years of sexual frustration and this causes him to look for other women. 

Although he may be good friends with his wife, he is in a sexual self-esteem crisis and thinks sexual relationships with other women will bring him happiness. 

He has certain sexual fantasies that he’s unable to share with his spouse due to them being more closed off or they fear they may ignore them.

Surely, this man may have areas of his marriage that work like charm, but in a way, he has a deep longing for a physical connection. 

Men like this are quite flirty and make a lot of sexual comments and jokes. He will drink or work too much, according to DePompo. 

He will be too focused on morals so that he minimizes the importance of sex. He’ll also show plenty of jealousy or anger when it comes to others’ happiness and will mention that his wife is not a fan of sex.

  1. The Charming One

This is a man who’s not easy to resist. He is usually smart, fun, exciting, likable, and often hangs out with similar people. 

He believes that he deserves everything he wants and he finds affairs rewarding because he believes he’s special. To accept anything less would make him feel like a fool. 

He may feel fine in his marriage, but he still believes that he deserves to have sexual adventures. 

Getting in bed with you for he means that he still has it. To spot him, pay attention to his actions. He lacks sincere empathy when you’re let down. 

He will focus on his gratification and will spend a lot to impress you and will blame others for any issues that arise.

  1. The Lonely One

This man seems like he’s a sweet lost puppy, but believe us, he’s so far from innocence.

He doesn’t have an emotional connection and looks for validation and attention. 

He may consider his wife or girlfriend to be needy and demanding and he learned from home that it’s safe to steer clear of conflict. 

He usually puts others first and now needs someone to show him attention. 

He wants to heal himself by connecting with other women. DePompo says you can recognize him by his passive-aggressive comments or attitudes towards others. 

He will also overwork to be away from home or play the victim to get others’ sympathies. 

  1. The Ready One

This man is usually done with his marriage. He’s looking for a way to move on, but this may or may not be with you. 

His hope is lost and doesn’t expect any love from home. 

Even if the flame could be rekindled, he doesn’t want it anymore. He’s already considered any losses that would happen and he’s at peace. 

Don’t be confused-he is moving on. To recognize these types of men easier, you’ll notice he’s talking about his plans with friends and family and maybe even going to counseling for his current state. 

If he hasn’t moved on yet, he is probably sleeping in a different bedroom. 

DePompo explains that most of these men have probably grown up in families where the parents didn’t have healthy relationships themselves so they don’t have a good example of what a quality relationship looks like.

Anyway, he advises thinking twice before deciding to enter into a relationship with these four types of men.