Man Born with a Cleft Lip Adopts a Baby Girl with the Same Condition

While on their honeymoon, Brian and Molly Pierce met one family with a 12-year-old girl who was adopted from China. 

The couple had always wanted to adopt someday so spending time with the family and their adopted child confirmed their wish. They already have one 5-year-old. 

This is when they decided to contact their adoption agency. They also informed them Brian used to have a cleft lip and palate as a kid so they were prepared to handle a child with this condition. 

Couple Adopts a Baby Girl with a Cleft Lip & Palate (The Dad Was Born with this Condition)

When they opened up the letter with a photo of the child who is available for adoption and whose name is Hattie, Brian wasn’t surprised to see that she was born with the same condition as his.

He said he felt instantly connected with Hattie and Molly said that the girl smiles with her eyes-this is the same thing she told Brian when they went on their second date.

10 months after, Hattie was already adjusting to her new family in her new home. 

She met her big sister and the family dog. Hattie also underwent surgery for the condition at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the same hospital where Brian got his surgery some 4 decades ago.

Brian Was Teased for His Scar as a Kid, but It’s Different with Hattie 

Unfortunately, Brian was teased as a kid for his scar, but he says the 4-year-old Hattie is doing great. He explains that whoever meets her immediately falls in love with her and all the kids want to play with her.

Hattie is a social butterfly whose best friend is her 5-year-old sister. 

They play soccer together even though the coaches realized the girls can’t be on the same team because they just hold their hands and don’t pay attention to the ball!