98-Year-Old Postman at Care Home Gifted a Royal Uniform

This 98-year-old care home resident was presented with a gift-a postman’s uniform by the Royal Mail so that he can now look top-notch and professional when delivering the residents’ mail.

After moving to the Upton Bay Care Home in Poole, the 98-year-old Stanley took it upon himself to deliver mail to 65+ residents. 

However, considering the numerous floors and the abundance of letters received, being their postman didn’t come without challenges, especially during the last Christmas season.

But, Stanley says he loves being a postman.

Stanley Wanted a Uniform Suitable for His Job

Stanley wanted to find a suitable uniform that will reflect his work and the care home wanted to purchase him one, but also wanted to ensure he looks as unique as possible.

An idea popped into the staff’s mind and they contacted the Royal Mail’s Delivery Depot in Poole and inquired if they have a Royal Mail uniform available. 

The depot responded positively right away and delivered a gift for Stanley-an embroidered shirt, a cap, and a red bag that he will wear to his delivery rounds. 

The manager of the home, Mevin Sohorye, notes that they’re very grateful to the depot for their amazing gift.

They said it was a pleasure to fulfill the wish of a resident.

Happy & Proud in His New Uniform 

Stanley is now proudly wearing the uniform during his delivery route and is assisted by Activity Lead Karen Grant A’Court. He ensures all the residents get their mail before 2 pm. 

He loves his job there and says it’s an awesome chance to communicate with all the residents whom he wouldn’t see every day if it wasn’t for the job. 

He emphasizes his favorite is Memory Lane where there are residents with dementia. He feels that his post deliveries bring these people some joy.