Enjoyable: Kids Cheer on the School Worker Every Time He Shovels some Dirt (the Encouragement We All Need!)

Sometimes, all we need is some motivation, right? 

Shared originally by a TikTok user and then reshared on different social media, this video has since stolen everyone’s hearts.

Kids are the purest and most honest beings and the video proves this. Although it’s not yet clear where this video originates from, it’s a lovely thing to see.

Short Video, but Oh so Sweet-Kindness Prevails

Although it doesn’t last long, this video shows how lovely kids can be and that it matters what we’re teaching them. 

The group of several elementary school kids, some of which are wearing school uniforms, are standing behind a fence while a construction worker behind it dressed in neon west is shoveling piles of dirt.

One may think he’s doing a basic job; however, these kids seem to be seeing something amazing. Simplicity seems to be the answer.

Whenever the worker moves out a shovel that’s full of dirt, the children lift their arms and begin to cheer him up with an unparalleled vigor, that’s usually seen at birthday parties or visits to Disney World!

The Joy Is in the Little Things

The children are awestruck by what the honest man is doing and how well he’s doing his job. If we all had a small group of kids cheering our every move, who knows, maybe we would do our jobs even better, right?!

The hardest part about this video is staying indifferent. It shows that kindness can be sparked in every moment, it depends on how pure your soul is!

These kids’ souls are definitely the purest!