Girl in Ukrainian Bomb Shelter Praised for Her Performance of Let It Go: Frozen Star Menzel Gives Her a Shout Out

On a Sunday, Idina Menzel, singer, and actress, reshared a powerful video of a little girl singing Let It Go from Frozen while sheltering from the conflict in Ukraine. 

The 50-year-old Menzel, who first sang the popular song as Elsa in the Disney movie shared the video to her Twitter and captioned it “We see you. We really, really see you. 💙💛

The video quickly went viral and it’s amassed over 13 million views. 

Viral Video: Girl Sheltering in a Bomb Shelter in Ukraine Wows Everyone with Her Singing Talent

The video starts with the girl standing in front of a group of people in what appears to be a bomb shelter. As she starts the first lines of the song, the group goes silent and some are seen taking out their phones to film the moment.

The kid was met with applause when she finished her song and one person is heard cheering “Bravo, bravo” as the young girl with a signature Elsa braid is smiling and looking around.

The video was taken in a Kyiv shelter. 

The girl is said to be Amelia who told the woman who took the video and originally shared it (Marta) that she wants to become a singer on a grand stage.

This is when Marta asked her: “Why not start now?” 

Other Frozen Movie Colleagues Praised Amelia

The video didn’t just attract Menzel, but also Kristen Anderson-Lopez who is the co-writer of the Frozen music, including the song Let It Go.

Anderson-Lopez shared the video as well and wrote a letter to Amelia.

“Dear little girl with the beautiful voice. My husband and I wrote this song as part of a story about healing a family in pain. The way you sing it is like a magic trick that spreads the light in your heart and heals everyone who hears it. Keep singing! We are listening!”

Amelia, along with many other civilians, is sheltering as Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine that started on the 24th of February. This is the first big land conflict in Europe in decades.

Sadly, hundreds of civilians have been reported wounded or dead, including kids. More than a million Ukrainians have become refugees. 

The invasion that’s been ordered by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has caused major global condemnation and serious economic sanctions against Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed not to bend to Putin’s claims that Ukraine has historic ties to Russia and said that “Life will win over death. And the light will win over darkness.”