Everyone, Meet Rambo: The Stray Puppy Who Became the “Protector” for the Ukrainian Soldiers

Several Ukrainian soldiers found a new recruit, but it’s in the form of a sweet puppy. 

In a video that quickly went viral, the soldiers introduce their newest recruit which is a puppy they named Rambo.

Rambo was found on the streets so the soldiers decided to take him in because they felt sorry for him because it was so cold. They took Rambo inside their post and he remained with them ever since.

Rambo Is still a Tiny Puppy, but He’s Offering the Best Protection 

Rambo is a loving pup who’s so tiny compared to the tall soldiers in their gears. Still, he commands a presence as all puppies do and this is why the group started referring to him as their “protector”. 

Once he grows up, as he’s already growing up pretty fast according to the soldiers, he will certainly offer so much more. One of the servicemen says how he used to be so tiny that he could fit in one hand.

Dogs Have a Sharp Hearing which Is very Helpful 

The soldiers claim that Rambo acts like a watchdog and he can hear when a stranger is close by. Though sharp hearing is the best physical protection Rambo can offer, for now, he’s definitely preserving the soldiers’ morale as the war continues.

The joy of having a puppy around is certainly a relief to these dark and horrible days that ensued after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Rambo isn’t the only dog accompanying Ukrainian soldiers. There are other canines who provide support by just being there, but also by hearing unusual sounds and acting as guards. 

What humans can’t hear, dogs can. 

Before heading out for the day, watch the viral video below: