Gas Station Lowers Price to $2.25 to Give the Community a Break at the Pump Station

With the prices of gas rising all over the country, one gas station in Burnsville, North Carolina decided to help out their customers during these times of struggle.

To do this, they took a loss and reduced their prices. 

Customers could pump gas for $2.25 per gallon until there was no more of it left. It was available for pumping from somewhere before noon to around 5 pm when it had sold out. 

The Customers Were Very Grateful for the Decision of the Gas Stations

Since the customers showed exceptional gratitude, the gas station says their plan is to do it again and it will be soon enough.

According to one of the customers that day, Caylie Vess, this was a great and kind move by the gas stations to do this for the people. The next delivery of gas is expected to be somewhere between Thursday night and Friday morning. 

Gas Price Shoots Up at Fastest Rate

The prices of gasoline have increased throughout the US. Some of the major contributing factors are inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The average cost for a gallon of regular gas rose above $6 for the first time in LA, the most populous US county. The average price increased by 2.3 cents to $6.011, according to data by the AA and Oil Price Information Service. 

The surge overnight was the 28th consecutive rise and the new record followed 19 days after the price became $5 for the first time ever.

Other efforts were recently made to alleviate the surge of gas prices-recently a Chicago millionaire businessman and politician Willie Wilson promised to donate $1 million in free gas.