NHS England Roll Out a Gadget that Zaps Away Cluster Headaches

Headaches are never fun.

They can be so unbearable, especially if you’re dealing with them on a regular basis. Whether it’s a migraine or pain from stress, headaches reduce our capacity to go with our daily routine.

And, cluster headaches are also tenacious. This piercing pain can last between 15 minutes and three hours and happens as much as eight times per day.

Since cluster headaches are an issue for 11,000 people in the UK, their NHS decided to find a solution. 

The gammaCore Saphire: A Solution to Cluster Headaches?

After the trials that were successful, the NHS released this handheld device known as the gammaCore Sapphire and it’s described as an instant relief for cluster headaches.

This device enables a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation to lower the ache without any meds. When a user feels that a headache is coming on, they can hold the device up the neck and set the desired intensity of the stimulation.

The electrical signals will disrupt the pain signal that goes through a nerve in the area. The user will feel a muscle contraction that will cause their lip to be pulled downwards, but this isn’t an alarm.

This means that the device is properly placed and that the headache will be relieved in just several minutes. The launch of this innovative device is backed up by the Medtech Funding Mandate. They fast-track innovations in the NHS. 

NHS Is Dedicated to Create Premium Tech That Saves & Betters Lives

It’s also part of the Long Term Plan of NHS that came into effect on April 1, 2021. One of the major focuses of this plan is to discover how affordable tech allows the NHS to save money, yet provide the necessary care.

The GammaCore is an example of this effort because it gives people the chance to treat themselves at home and it’s especially advantageous for one in 20 sufferers who didn’t respond well to traditional treatment options like painkillers.

Though it’s a small device, it can make a big difference in the lives of people who suffer from these headaches and provide them a chance to live their lives normally. 

The Long Term Plan of the NHS is dedicated to creating cutting-edge treatments and tech that will save and better lives.

The director of innovation and life sciences at NHS England notes that the pandemic didn’t prevent them to stay committed to the Long Term Plan goals and allow patients to use them throughout the country, ASAP.