5 Revealing Signs that Someone Secretly Dislikes You

When you’re doubting if some person is genuinely fond of you or not and you don’t feel ready enough to ask them directly, there are other ways you can find out.

To do this, you need to pay more attention to details like some gestures they make when they’re around you or how they speak when they’re in your company.

By becoming better at reading people’s body language, you’ll have a more honest circle of friends and colleagues, which is very important for your wellbeing!

Here are five revealing signs of someone not liking you.

5 Signs Revealing Another Person Is Secretly Disliking You

  1. They purse their lips

If you see someone pursing their lips all the time when they’re around you, it probably means that something isn’t right. 

If you’re communicating with them and they do this with their lips, it may mean that they feel uncomfortable around you. 

But, sometimes, it may also mean that they may dislike the topic or the questions you’re asking them. 

Pursing the lips doesn’t always mean it’s something to do with the other person. It may also mean the person is anxious or stressed, so don’t make speedy conclusions.

  1. They rarely look you in the eyes

Lack of eye contact is never a good sign. 

People who don’t look you in the eye are probably not interested in what you have to say or not attracted by you at all. Sometimes, it may also indicate that the connection you have with them isn’t as honest as you think. 

Oftentimes, people who lie fail to look the other person in the eyes. They may be hiding something, but on other occasions, the person may just be too shy or anxious. 

  1. They change their voice tone

The tone of their voice is usually the tone of the connection you have. 

People who speak to you in a cold and sharp tone are probably people who want to distance themselves from you.

  1. They give one-word answers

Whenever you try to ask them something or start a conversation with these people, they will give you minimal answers, answers like ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and usually this means that they have low interest in you. 

In this case, they’re probably responding to you out of politeness or because they have to.

  1. They put on fake smiles

A fake smile isn’t hard to spot once you learn how to recognize it. 

Pay closer attention to the lips’ angles and the wrinkles around the eyes. 

A real smile will include plenty of facial muscles so when they’re really laughing at your jokes, you will spot these lines. 

Otherwise, it’s probably a smile out of politeness or obligation and it usually looks tensed or forced.