Company’s Innovative Beehive Gets Them $80 Million in Funding to Save Bees from Hazard

Beewise is a company whose product is an innovative beehive box that aims to better the well-being of bees and promote their longevity. 

There are global efforts by organizations and governments to prevent pesticides and plant more pollinator-friendly flowers that will help increase the bee populations naturally.

The protection of bees can now be promoted by beekeepers and farmers too. Traditional hives or the Langstroth boxes were designed some 150 years ago. 

Today, Beewise redesigned this standard beehive and resolved plenty of inefficiencies, and also helped create a box that will contribute to the bees’ wellbeing and longevity.

The company’s efforts have been recognized already and they’ve gotten $80 million in funding to boost the production of their innovative beehive. 

How Does the Beewise, Innovative Beehive, Work?

Using non-stop monitoring and smart tech that boosts the pollination capacity and production of honey, the Beehome, a robotic beehive, detects any threats to the honeybee colony like pesticides or pests and activates to protect the bees from damage. 

The automatic robotic system responds to any threat right away without the need for human assistance. 

The Beehome is thermally regulated to reverse the colony collapse trend and may also help provide protection from Asian wasps, flooding, and fires. This hive is also able to feed the bees if the local supply of food isn’t available.

According to the company’s statement, their innovative beehives lower mortality by 80 percent and this increases the yields by at least 50 percent while also removing around 90 percent need for manual labor when compared to the other traditional hives.

The Beewise is currently managing more than seven billion bees or 25,000 acres of crops that will be pollinated. The Israeli startup claims they’ve saved more than 160 million bees in the last year through their innovative device.

According to the CEO of Beewise, Saar Safra, they’re launching precision robotics in combination with the most innovative tech in the world like AI and computer vision, all with the goal to protect and save bees. 

According to Safra, thousands of orders in the US have been placed in the last couple of months and thanks to the funding, they will meet the demands by boosting the manufacturing of these hives.

The Funding Is Already Helping Advance The Beehome 

A new, lighter-weight Beehome has already been released. 

It’s 32 percent smaller and 23 percent more cost-effective in terms of transportation. This helps elevate the mobility of the hive and allows farmers to care for millions of bees and maximize the seasonal pollination of crops. 

Other market options treat the Varroa mites with chemicals whereas Beewise’s revolutionary treatment is a chemical-free and robotic approach whose success rate is 99.7 percent. This robot heats frames to the point of it being harmful to the pests, without harming the bees. 

The automated feeding system increases the bees’ rate of survival, especially in winter when the sources of food are low. The monitoring is powered by solar panels and small batteries, all of which are run through an app.

One of the investors, Daniel Aronvitz from Insight Partners, says that they were impressed by Beewise’s solution for every complex problem that causes the decline of bees.