“If I’m Here, She’s Here”: Man Builds a Wetland Paradise on His Property for His Late Wife

In memory of his late wife whom he never stopped loving, this man from Nova Scotia built a wetland paradise on his property. 

Perkins and his wife had an unfulfilled dream of living a life in the great outdoors, close to the animals and natural world. 

Perkins began working on their wildlife refuge on their land in the 2000s. Since then, he has worked on their oasis in the middle of an urban jungle, transforming it into what is today. 

Man Builds a Wetland Paradise in the Memory of His Loving Wife

The process of building this oasis required Perkins to connect eight ponds to each other with herons, otters, turtles, and other creatures. Unfortunately, while on the road to their perfect getaway, Perkins lost his wife in 2006.

She couldn’t live long enough to see their dream coming true. 

Their love story is a beautiful one though. They met young when they were both 16 and both were lovers of nature and of animals and clicked right away. 

When they spent time together, his wife would tell Perkins how much she would like a small place in the woods, a private place where no one will bother them and where they will be surrounded by animals.

After losing his wife, Perkins didn’t give up and decided to build this paradise for his late wife and turn their dream into a reality. When others would tell him that this seems impossible, he would respond that he can achieve everything he sets his mind on.

Once completed, Perkins hopes that this place will teach Nova Scotians about the importance of wetlands and balanced ecosystems. Despite losing his wife, Perkins knows one thing-she would love the place. 

Although time has passed by since losing his beloved wife, Perkins says that he thinks of her every day and feels her presence. Sometimes, when he’s out building the oasis, he says that wherever he is, she’s too.