Man Rescues a Starving Dog Alone on a Remote Island & Takes Him Home

While kayaking off the Belize coast, Wesley White spotted an animal moving near a fishing shack on one remote island.

He approached the area and found out it was a starved dog. The dog was skin and bones, but a very friendly one, eager for company. 

He called out to check if someone was there, but no one was to be seen. 

Wesley wasn’t sure how the dog ended up on this remote island, but he knew that he needed to be rescued or otherwise, he wouldn’t make it.

White Makes a Plan to Rescue the Starved & Lost Dog 

Wesley had to make a quick plan because he had only 36 hours remaining before leaving Belize. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to get the needed help and save the poor dog in that amount of time.

When he went back to his hotel, several people offered to help. They gathered dog food cans and the bartender even looked to find a vet. 

Wesley had brought his rescue (later named Winston) to the mainland to get medical help; however, he needed a foster home where he could stay longer.

Dr. Mia, the vet, stayed in contact with Wesley and informed him daily about how the dog was doing. She told him that he would recover, but that it was pivotal to find a foster. They found one through the Humane Society of Belize.

Wesley Decides to Adopt Winston 

The foster caregiver, Melanie, took Winston in for a period of more than two months and gave him the best care ever. She kept Wesley informed about how Winston was doing. She showed him photos of Winston growing and strengthening. 

After a period of two months or so, Winston was ready to hop on a plane and get to Dallas, to reunite with the man who saved him. 

Wesley named his new companion Winston and the reunion was the sweetest ever- Wesley wondered if Winston would recognize him. 

Check out the heartwarming reunion of Winston and his rescuer in the video below: