Why Is Exercising on a Trampoline a Good Choice for You: More Strength, Healthier Heart & Reduced Stress

If you want serious health improvements “covered” by fun and bouncy exercise, a trampoline is an ideal option for you!

But, we’re not referring to the backyard trampolines for kids’ birthdays-these ones are actually linked to numerous injuries and should only be used with caution and supervision. 

The mini, indoor trampolines for adults are a safe and beneficial method of exercise. Known as rebounders, trampolines are designed for individual exercises.

They’re made low to the ground and thus, the stability is optimal. Flying off them during the jumping is brought to a minimum.

Rebounding comes with full-body benefits. Below, learn more about why this workout deserves to become part of your daily routine!

The Best Health Benefits of Rebounding 

  • More strength

When we’re jumping on a trampoline, our body uses several muscles. 

The whole momentum of the body is used and thus, all of the muscles are “forced” to work at the same time. 

The up-and-down movement will strengthen everything from the abs to the glutes, as well as the back and leg muscles. 

The Benefits of Trampolining

With trampoline jumping, you have a stronger core and a stronger body.

  • Better balance

Aging is associated with loss of bone density. This may elevate the risk of getting injured when falling. 

This is where trampoline jumping can help. In one study, 14 weeks of exercises on mini trampolines boosted the ability of the seniors involved in the study to regain their balance before falling by around 35 percent. 

With rebounding, you don’t just improve your balance, but also your motor and coordination skills. 

  • Reduces the stress

Jumping for joy, right?-Rebounding is linked with lower stress due to the release of endorphins that happens during this activity. 

These substances better our mood and help us keep a positive outlook. 

When we’re jumping, we’re tensing and releasing the muscles and thus, we’re boosting our blood flow. 

When we’re done with this activity, the muscles will be more relaxed and looser.

  • Healthy heart

Cardio activities are good for the heart muscles. 

They also lower the work that the body needs to do in order to pump blood. 

As a result, you’ll experience reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as a lower resting heart rate.

How to Implement Rebounding to Your Workout Routine?

  • Start with the basics

Simple and impactful moves like doing jacks and jogging in place will help you adjust faster.

  • Keep your balance

If you worry about slipping on your trampoline, try jumping barefoot or in socks. This will improve your balance.

  • Find a class nearby

You may have the chance to take rebounding classes if there are some in your area. In this way, you’ll learn how to properly do it.