Someone Is Hiding Money all over this Canadian City & Residents Are Loving It

Because of this unusual and mysterious game, residents of Miramichi, a Canadian city, are finding bills of $100 and $50 following clues.

This exciting game has resulted in residents getting out of their homes and heading to fields and forests, at day and at night, hoping to find some of those bills.

But, in order to try it out, you have to follow the cryptic clues shared in the Facebook group Miramichi Mystery Machine. The game reveals that these bills have been hidden away in this northern New Brunswick city. 

Find $ by Following these Cryptic Clues 

The game started recently after the creation of the group and there was one message saying: “May 1, 7 pm, $100 hidden at Ritchie Wharf.”

Dozens of residents who read the message visited the location and within only several hours, the money was found. 

Since this first clue, the unknown creator of this mysterious game has shared one clue every day and soon enough, the number of people who went out to follow the clues increased to hundreds! 

The clues changed as time went by; they became more challenging to resolve and often included voice-distorted videos and eerie images of horror movie scenes. 

What’s more, on some occasions, the secret donator made comments suggesting that he/she is watching the people as they’re searching for the money.

Some of these comments said:

“Checkered shirt. U are not close at all.” 

“Yellow hoodie is in the ballpark.” 

“Savannah, how did u get so smart?” 

Because of these comments, more and more of the money hunters were getting engaged. 

The Facebook group which once had only a handful of members rose to a group with more than 700, shortly after the opening. These numbers continued growing.

Unique Buzz among the Residents of Miramichi 

According to one of the residents of Miramichi, Tim Sutton, this game caused a one-of-a-kind buzz in the residents. For many, this has been the most exciting period in a long time.

Sutton has participated in the game several times and he is always looking forward to a new clue. Though he hasn’t located any of the reward money, he says it’s more about bonding with the community and the excitement of the chase itself.

Sutton explains that since the start of this quest, he’s made plenty of new friends, but also met old ones that he hasn’t seen in a while. 

Everyone is helping out each other, but doing their best not to reveal all their secrets, added Sutton.

Amanda and Dave Rolph have also been on the hunt for money, almost on a daily basis. Though they were skeptical at first and considered the possibility of a scam, they were lucky and smart enough to find the money.

They spotted the first clue, one photo from an 80s horror movie, Prom Night, with Jamie Lee Curtis, and the setting which reminded them of the former Harkins Elementary School. With several additional clues, the couple began figuring out the location of the money. 

The key clue was “leave no stone unturned.” Dave flipped over one rock that he had kicked and voila, the reward was there! Everyone knew that the family had found the money since they screamed so loudly!

The Mystery of the Secret Donator Remains 

No one is yet able to discover who and why is hiding the money and giving it away. 

The page on Facebook is said to be created by one Roman Dungarvan.

 The bio says that he’s trying to make amends for the haunting past of his family, referencing a ghost story about an alleged murder from the 19th century in Dungarvon River.