Homeless Teen Reunites with the Dog He Had to Give Up after Finding a Place to Live Together

This homeless teen had to give up his dog and brought him to a Mississippi animal shelter due to being unable to provide him with proper care. 

But, the 17-year-old has recently reunited with his beloved dog Jada. 

According to the Interim Shelter Director at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter, Kris Robinson, the teen came to the shelter a week ago and asked if he could leave Jada.

Homeless Teen Had to Give Up His Dog

He was emotional and told the staff that he can’t care for Jada due to being homeless and practically living under a bridge. While looking for work, he would leave Jada in a tent; however, she would often break out. 

At one point, he didn’t even have a tent anymore and no way to feed the dog. 

Robinson explains that they’re a shelter and are worried about the dog; however, ultimately, they were also worried about the boy and they realized they need to help him get off the street and get the needed help.

The shelter took in lovely Jada right away despite the capacity being filled out, but they weren’t satisfied that this young boy will have to head back to his homeless life again. 

The surrender form was filled out and the boy included only a little information about himself. Though scarce, the info was enough to pass on to people who may help him out, according to Robinson.

The boy left Jada at the shelter with a bag of dog food and left.

The Teen Now Has a Place to Stay & Reunited with His Beloved Jada

Although it wasn’t found where the teen used to live or what his reasons to abandon his home were, the Senatobia PD, on a late Thursday evening, announced that their officers have located the teen using the assistance of several members of their community.

The email sent by Police Chief Richard Chandler included a thank you note to everyone who helped the PD to locate the young man. The next morning, the boy was reunited with his dog at the shelter.

The teen now has a place where he can stay and he will reclaim Jada and take her with him to their new home. According to Robinson, the boy can go to someone’s house and stay there for a while before he gets his life back on track.

After the story got out, the shelter received numerous calls from people looking to donate to sweet Jada and her teen owner. Although there are no homeless shelters in Senatobia, plenty of local churches offer limited assistance. 

The Senatobia First United Methodist Church is taking donations for the family in whose home the teen and Jada will be staying. Contact them at 662-562-5214 to learn more about how to help the cutest duo!