Zippy Chippy May Have Never Won a Race, but He Won Everyone’s Heart

Recently, fans and friends came to one place to pay their final respects to one of the least likely sports celebrities: the horse named Zippy Chippy, one who never won a race, despite being a part of a winning family.

The Zippy fan club president, Rosanne Frieri, emphasized that it’s heartbreaking losing him. Although some may find it a joke, the people who knew his story, are devastated by his loss.

Zippy Chippy was the grandson of the Kentucky Derby winner Northern Dancer who was part of a racing royal family. Zippy could’ve been one of those all-time greats if he had only started a race.

The Story of Zippy Chippy, a Horse Born in a Racing Royal Family

Zippy Chippy never quite understood why everybody was rushing. So, he lost every race that he participated in-0 for 100 or 101 if one counts the time that he lost to one minor league baseball player.

Zippy’s owner, trainer, and companion, Felix Monserrate, who died several years ago, had said he had never given up on his horse. 

He looked at Zippy like he was his son and liked him a lot. Whenever he ran, Monserrate said it made him feel good. 

Zippy lived out the last years of his life at the Old Friends, at a Cabin Creek retirement farm in upstate NY. He passed away at the age of 31 and people are now celebrating him as the winner of life that he was.

Losing Is a Part of Life & Zippy Chippy Showed that It’s a Virtue Knowing How to Lose

Frieri said that in a sport where winning is the goal, Zippy taught people that losing is also normal. Moreover, many individuals found Zippy to be relatable because many people saw themselves in him-it was always as he wanted it to be. 

Whatever this horse wanted, he did. 

Kentucky derbies are all about speed; however, Zippy Chippy will be remembered for his ability to remind others that there’s so much more to life than running for the roses-at some moments, it’s much better to stop and smell them!