Stranger Buys Expensive Sneakers for Autistic Teen

This total stranger’s act of kindness made this teen with autism’s day and left the online community amazed and inspired.

Namely, Xavier is a 16-year-old bo with autism and he was out with his mom Theresa Hunt shopping at a Brickyard Mall.

They had a very special occasion for their outing-it was Xavier’s birthday. The boy wanted Air Jordans; however, they were too expensive and his mother explained to the boy that they were unable to afford them.

Xavier Wanted Air Jordans so much, but They Were too Expensive

According to Hunt, she offered her son to try out a different pair instead and they were also talking about how well he was doing in school. 

On the register, a man who overheard their conversation was standing in front of them holding the Air Jordans that Xavier wanted. 

Hunt says that the man paid for the sneakers and then turned and gave them to Xavier and wished him to keep doing well in school and then left.

The mother and son couldn’t believe what had happened!

The Family Is Beyond Grateful for the Stranger’s Act of Kindness

Hunt explains that she’s someone who is constantly blessing others; however, when she received such a blessing out of nowhere, she realized how good it actually feels.

This also gave her hope that there are still good people in the world.

The kind stranger left in a hurry and Hunt couldn’t get his name; however, she realized the story needs to be heard by others and it may even reach this man and let him know how thankful they are for his act of kindness!