Thai Locals Are Building these Little Shelters for Stray Dogs

A survey done by the Thai Department of Livestock Development in 2016 concluded that out of the 6.7 million dogs in Thailand, 750,000 are strays. 

Unfortunately, this number has only risen since.

In Bangkok alone, according to some estimates, there are around 100,000 and 300,000 strays. 

Since no one is caring for them and they are practically at the mercy of people, these animals are exposed to difficult climate conditions, abuse, and accidents.

Helping Stray Animals Is a Must, Say Animal Lovers in Thailand

With all these challenges in mind, a community group known as Stand for Strays decided to do something and help out these poor strays. 

They created the Homeless Allot Model. This is a functional shelter for dogs made using recycled billboards. 

This structure is easy to set up and it can be placed in any urban area of Thailand, providing protection from heat and heavy rain. 

Repurposing Billboards into Shelters 

The Stand for Strays launched their Homeless Allot Model with the aim to upgrade stray safety in Thailand and make it more dog-friendly. 

The shelter structures are made from discarded billboards that have been repurposed rather than thrown away.

The panel is put flat against a wall and fixed using hinges at the top. It can be opened at the bottom and it transforms into a tent-like canopy for the dog in need. The dog can jump up and lie down on the platform, protected from the elements. 

The platform is an awesome way to keep the dog above the level of the ground. 

An Easy, Eco-Friendly Way to Offer Protection to Stray Dogs

These tent-like shelters help the dog have a dry, safe, and hygienic place to rest and sleep. There’s also a chance for food to be put next to them on the platform without it touching the ground. 

It’s also amazing that these panels can be easily unfolded by any passerby if they spot a stray nearby. 

Based on the three Rs idea (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), these structures aim to help out strays without contributing to environmental pollution. 

They use only repurposed materials and because the construction is lying flat on the walls, the landscape is almost unchanged.

From the videos and images shared in the Strand for Strays group on Facebook, the strays seem to intuitively know that these shelters are made exactly for them! They use them during the day and at night. 

Animal lovers praise this unique initiative and people are loving the images of the lovely dogs using these mounted tents.

This project deserves to become a global thing, especially in places where the number of stray animals is high, don’t you think?