7 Tricks to Burn Belly Fat without Having to Do Countless Sit-Ups

Most people want a flat belly; however, there is good and bad news when it comes to our fat-free belly. 

The good news is that you can have a flatter belly without having to do endless crunches and situps. 

In fact, we’ll share seven tricks that don’t include boring sit-ups that can help you have a slimmer belly. They involve making certain improvements to your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you needn’t exercise!

On the contrary, regular physical activity is pivotal for overall health and a slim physique. The bad news is that surplus belly fat is never a healthy thing. 

Surplus weight in the midsection, especially higher amount of visceral fat that’s more common in men (located under the muscles and around the vital organs) has been associated with serious health issues like high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, heart illness, type 2 diabetes, etc. 

Below, learn about lifestyle changes you can make and reduce the fat in your midsection!

7 Tricks to Burn Belly Fat without the Need for Countless Situps 

  1. Manage stress

The daily stresses from life elevate the cortisol production in the brain or the fight-or-flight hormone that was once useful when humans used to live in caves. 

Today, surplus cortisol contributes to fat storage in the midsection instead of helping us outrun a tiger or a bear which was once life-saving. 

To manage stress, opt for yoga or deep breathing. These activities relax the parasympathetic nervous system. 

  1. Avoid drinks that bloat the belly

To avoid a beer belly, you have to stay away from alcohol. 

Although an occasional drink for social purposes is totally understandable, too much of it can cause frequent bloating. 

When we consume alcoholic beverages, especially at night, our belly bloats. Other drinks also contribute to bloating, for example, coffee or soda drinks. 

Carbonated water can also cause belly bloating due to the gases from the carbonation entering the stomach. To keep the belly area flat, opt for a good old glass of plain water.

  1. Reduce the intake of foods rich in salt 

Junk food full of salt can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and a bloated belly. 

Sodium pulls and retains water, causing you to look bloated. 

Moreover, prepackaged meats and processed foods are also full of sodium and other seasonings and can also contribute to bloating. 

  1. Increase your fiber intake

By consuming soluble fiber, you can shed surplus belly fat and prevent further belly fat gain. 

In one study, a 10-gram increase in the daily intake of fiber was associated with a 3.7 percent reduced risk of belly fat. 

Moreover, some other studies have found that people who consume more soluble fiber have a lower chance of getting more fat in the belly area.

  1. Lift weights

Lifting weights is great for a stronger belly and losing that surplus fat. 

Weightlifting helps you burn calories and makes your muscles stronger. Lifting weights is a much better option for losing belly fat than cardio like biking, running, etc. 

Lifting weights improves body composition and elevates muscle mass. 

By having more muscle mass, your metabolism works better because muscle burns calories at rest more than fat does. 

When the muscle mass is higher, your resting metabolic rate is more efficient. This means that you’ll burn calories better and more fat, even when you’re at rest.

  1. Boost the protein intake

Protein is a pivotal nutrient for keeping the weight within a normal range. 

By eating more protein, your body releases a hormone of fullness known as PYY and this helps keep you full for longer. 

Protein is also known to increase the metabolic rate and maintain your muscle mass while losing weight. 

According to several observational studies, people who consume more protein tend to have less belly fat than people following a diet low in fat. 

To encourage a slimmer belly, opt for a quality protein source with every meal. 

Some examples are eggs, meat, dairy, fish, beans, whey protein, etc.

  1. Keep the sugar at bay

Sugar has fructose and fructose has been associated with various chronic illnesses when consumed in excessive amounts. 

Some of these diseases are obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. 

According to observational studies, there’s a connection between a higher intake of sugar and more belly fat. 

Refined sugar isn’t the only culprit for belly fat; in fact, even healthier types of sugar like honey should be consumed within the recommended range.