5 Powerful Foods to Relieve Liver & Pancreas Inflammation

Healthy and functioning pancreas and liver are pivotal for a healthy digestive system. These organs play a vital role in the synthesis of digestive enzymes and fats.

But, our fast way of living, the excessive intake of processed foods, insufficient physical activity, etc. are contributing to the poorer functioning of these important organs.

Following a healthy and balanced diet is pivotal for a balance in the pancreas and liver. And, it can also reduce inflammation and boost their functioning.

The whole digestive system, not just these two organs, will benefit from a healthy diet consisting of fewer processed and more whole foods. Through a healthy diet, you’re also contributing to your wellbeing.

Staying physically active, reducing the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and processed sugar, and increasing the intake of fruits and veggies contribute to healthy pancreas and liver.

And, make sure your diet contains some of the five foods (and drinks) presented below. They’re abundant in some impressive nutrients!

5 Powerful Foods to Consume for Healthier Liver & Pancreas

  • Green tea

Green tea, among other impressive health advantages, has the power to lower excessive inflammation in the liver and pancreas. 

The catechins it contains will help these two organs function optimally. 

And, it will help lower the surplus liver fat and enhance its capacity for self-regeneration thanks to its antioxidants. 

Consume a cup on a daily basis.

  • Olive oil

Organic and cold-pressed oils like hemp, flaxseed, and olive oil are great oils to incorporate into your diet so that you better the health of your pancreas and liver. 

Add them to salads and other meals, but consume them in moderation for optimal effects. 

These oils will help you lower inflammation in these organs and cleanse them from toxins.

  • Artichokes

This veggie is great for the pancreas and liver, as well as for better functioning of the gallbladder. 

By consuming them regularly, you enhance fat digestion, supply the organs with antioxidants, and heal a fatty liver faster. 

You can consume it seasoned with olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. 

  • Papaya 

In addition to being refreshing and yummy, this tropical fruit will help better your digestion. 

Moreover, as it’s rich in flavonoids, it contributes to lower levels of bad cholesterol, slower cellular oxidation processes, and reduced inflammation in the pancreas and liver.

  • Avocados

These fruits are abundant in glutathione- a non-protein tripeptide that is derived from amino acids and helps lower the toxins in the liver and pancreas.  

Avocados also contain monounsaturated fats or good types of fats. 

These are beneficial for the arteries and help divert bad cholesterol and make its processing easier for the liver.