Daredevil Granny: 103-Year-Old Becomes the World’s Oldest Skydiver

103-year-old Rut Larsson from Sweden made history by becoming the oldest person in the world to compete in a tandem parachute jump.

Larsson paired with parachutist Joackim Johansson on May 29th in Sweden to finish the jump. And, her family and friends waited for her on the ground when she landed.

This moment was unforgettable.

Larsson said the jump felt wonderful and it’s something she wanted to do for so long. The proud centenarian also added that she’s planning to celebrate this important achievement at home with cake. 

It’s Never too Late: 103-Year-Old Grandma Makes History by Becoming the Oldest Skydiver

Larsson’s jump went viral on social media. And, the video was also shared by the Guinness World Records on Twitter.

One of the users who commented on the video said that this is a beautiful, amazing, daring, woman and epitome of the 20th century. 

Being 103 years and 259 days old, she broke the previous record held by Alfred Blaschke. Blaschke was 103 years and 181 days old when he did a tandem parachute jump back in 2017.

This year in April, a group of 107 seniors over the age of 60 tried to make a global record by a joint skydive in South California. 

They’ve named themselves Skydivers over Sixty and have succeeded in jumping from an 18,000-feet height, making a webbed formation in the air prior to landing safely. 

Check the emotional video of Larsson making her record-breaking jump below: