Evening Primrose Oil: Relieves PMS Ache & Boosts Fertility

Native Americans and settlers from Europe have used evening primrose. This is a wildflower that grows in the central and eastern parts of North America. 

It’s not just used for food, but today, its flowers are cold-pressed to extract oil which is also used for supplements. 

It’s an oil rich in essential fatty acids. These are cell membrane building blocks, as well as the building blocks for hormones and substances like hormones.

The Role of Healthy Fats in Optimal Health 

Evening primrose supplies us with healthy fats or the omega-6 ones. It has two of them, that is, linoleic acid and y-linoleic or GLA. 

Our body needs essential fatty acids though it can’t produce them on its own. We need to acquire them from our diet. The body needs the right balance of these essential fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3. 

Fats are also carriers for fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. Below, learn more about how adding evening primrose to your diet can benefit your health and well-being!

Best Health Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Boosts the fertility

This oil seems to elevate cervical mucus production. This is an important factor for reproduction and therefore, it may be of aid for infertility treatment. This fluid creates a suitable surrounding for the sperm.

Opt for 500 mg of this oil, three times per day to boost the mucus. 

If there aren’t any results after 1500 mg per day, double the dosage in the following cycle. 

The oil’s essential fatty acids directly influence the uterine cells. 

This betters the contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissue which tones the uterine muscles and preps them for pregnancy.

The consumption should be avoided by women who’re pregnant since uterine contractions may not be adequate!

Balances the hormones

Women can take this oil to treat PMS symptoms naturally and soothe any unpleasant menopause symptoms. 

PMS symptoms like tender breasts, water retention, depression, irritability, headaches, bloating, etc., may reduce after the use of this oil, according to one study published in the Lipids journal. Menopausal women may also benefit from it. 

In one clinical trial in 2013, evening primrose oil capsules (500 mg per day for six weeks) helped reduce hot flashes intensity in the group who took them in comparison to the group who didn’t. 

May slow down the loss of hair

Hormones in men and women play a role in different body processes. In terms of hair, hormones are crucial. 

It may help reduce dryness and skin inflammation and may aid the scalp skin and boost the hair’s quality and growth. 

Healthier skin

This oil may relieve skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. 

According to studies, this oil is powerful in reducing eczema symptoms like edema, redness, and itchiness. Eczema sufferers don’t have the capacity to process fatty acids properly which causes a low GLA level. 

This omega 6 fatty acid helps the body convert substances for the management of inflammation. This oil may relieve psoriasis due to the role of fatty acids in the balancing of hormones and digestion.


Some studies indicate that individuals who don’t get sufficient essential fatty acids are likelier to experience bone loss than the ones with normal levels of this fatty acid. 

Taking this oil in combination with calcium and fish oil may contribute to bone loss and boost the density of the bones in osteoporosis sufferers.

How to Use Evening Primrose Oil 

  • Between one and six grams per day, depending on the reason 
  • Usually used for three to six months 
  • 500 mg capsules, two to three times per day for PMS and menopause symptom management 
  • Between three and six grams for healthier bones 
  • Applied daily onto the scalp for hair loss and left for half an hour before being rinsed off 
  • For hormonal acne, a capsule of evening primrose oil is opened and the oil is applied to the affected areas
  • For an increase in fertility, 500 mg of capsules, two to three times every day