Life-Changing Gift from a Kind Customer Moves This Starbucks Barista to Tears

Sometimes, even a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. And, thanks to the internet, we often see the positive influence that kind acts have on people’s lives.

One such random act of kindness left this Starbucks barista in tears of joy. 

In a viral video shared by a TikTok user, we see how two women brightened up the day of a Starbucks employer and also changed his outlook on life within minutes.

Small Act of Kindness Changes this Starbucks Barista’s Life 

A TikTok user Charlie Rocket shared a video of a heartwarming exchange. The video went viral fast and was viewed more than 36 million times. 

In the video, another TikTok user named Perri pulls up to a Starbucks drive-thru with a friend. Instead of placing their orders and moving on, the woman in the driving seat started asking the barista about his dreams and difficulties in life. 

Manny, the barista, revealed that he wants to purchase a car and this dream would require some $1000. He then went on to tell them about his depression struggles. The two girls listened to Manny and then told him that they might see him around.

At this point, the video shows footage of the girls pulling out of the drive-thru and going into the store to make a surprise for Manny.

There, the ladies bought a small wooden box, a toy car, and some roses. But, it wasn’t until they got back to the car that Perri said how they’ll surprise Manny with $1000 for the car.

They placed the money inside the tiny toy box and then in the wooden box. They went back to the drive-thru to give Manny his gift.

Perri said how they were moved by his story and that they wanted to gift him something. She handed him the flowers and he thanked them and told him how he has never gotten flowers before. 

The surprise became even bigger as he was being handed the remaining of his gift. He opened up the box and saw the tiny toy car. His smile immediately turned to tears when he spotted the $1000 inside.

He told him how he had suicidal thoughts just that morning and he felt like he didn’t want to get up from bed. As he told him this, tears were running down his face.

The girls told him that he is loved and that there will be light on his face again. 

More than Just a $1000 Gift for Amazing Manny

The wonderful women didn’t just gift Manny $1000 for his car; they also launched a campaign to help him raise the remainder of the money necessary for a quality car.

The fund had a goal of $15,000. By the time it ended, the amount was doubled and he had $38,572 raised.

The donors were moved by the life-changing act of kindness of the girls and many people commented that this exchange touched them deeply. Some of the users also shared their own mental health issues and expressed their solidarity with Manny.

Although Manny has mental health problems himself, he’s resilient and decided to come to work and finish his duties that day.

His efforts seemed to have been awarded by the girls and he never imagined that this could happen. 

If you want to see the emotional and inspiring video yourself, check it out below. But, don’t forget to have some tissues by your side!


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