How to Decrease Melasma Using a DIY Remedy with Yogurt, Lemons & Bananas

Melasma or the development of dark spots in the facial area is a common skin issue, especially for pregnant women, though they’re not the only ones who can develop it. 

The cause is believed to be a combination of various factors, including unprotected sun exposure. This hyperpigmentation manifests through brown or dark brown spots on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and even the neck.

It’s more frequent in women than in men due to the increase in female hormones associated with higher levels of melanin. Other possible triggers are hormonal therapies and oral contraceptives.

The treatment for this condition are various and range from whitening creams to chemical peels. There are also natural, DIY  options like the homemade cream we’re going to present today.

Before any application, consult your dermatologist, and don’t forget to keep your skin protected, especially when you’re out in the sun. 

DIY Yogurt, Lemon & Banana Lightening Cream for Melasma Treatment

You need:

One banana

2 tbsps of plain yogurt

3 tbsps of lemon juice


Peel the banana and cut it into smaller pieces. Mash it into a bowl to form a puree. Add the yogurt and mix together to get a creamy paste. Last, add the lemon juice and stir once more.

How to Use It: 

This cream should be applied to the affected areas at night, before bed.

Wash and dry the face and neck and apply a thin layer. Leave it on for several minutes and then rinse it off.