How to Detox the Body from Mold without Stressing the Kidneys & Liver

Mold may be influencing your health without you even knowing. And, though detoxing from mold may be the last thing on your mind right now, it’s definitely more than necessary.

Mold toxicity can mimic many other conditions and, therefore, goes undiagnosed and mistreated in various cases.

Exposure to mold causes symptoms like joint ache, memory issues, tiredness, coughing, shortness of breath, light sensitivity, sinus infections, etc. Toxins from mold are linked with so many symptoms because of their ability to damage or suppress the functioning of the immunity.

Exposure to mold is more common than we think. It’s in the damp or water-damaged buildings, the air we breathe, and the food we consume. 

Foods that can have mold are nuts, spices, coffee, cereals, dairy, etc. mold spores also attach to stuff like pets, reusable grocery bags, shoes, and clothes. 

Mold Makes Toxins

Mold fastens the decomposition of stuff like fallen leaves and dead trees. Some mold is used for antibiotics or cheese. 

However, there are those mold types that are harmful to the overall health because they make mycotoxins. These poisons may trigger serious health issues and different symptoms. 

The most dangerous ones are ochratoxin and aflatoxin. Exposure to them can cause serious problems with the health ranging from allergies to cancer. 

Although mold can’t enter our blood, it can colonize in areas like the nostrils and lungs and then into the blood and the body.

They will take over the immunity and increase one’s vulnerability to infections. 

How to Cleanse the body from Mold

Although you may not be the most sensitive to mold, the body needs your help to remove mycotoxins. This is important in the prevention of chronic damage and unpleasant symptoms.

One of the best methods to detox mold toxins is with toxin-binders. Use only proven ones that won’t cause the toxins to reabsorb in the intestines but to be expelled from the body.

There’s a prescription medication for the reduction of cholesterol known as Cholestyramine. It attaches strongly to mycotoxins and prevents their reabsorption. 

On a more natural side, there’s MCP. It’s used long-term thanks to its gentle work. It works optimally in combination with other detoxifiers like seaweed-derived alginates.

Other effective cleansers are bentonite clay, chlorella, activated charcoal, and glutathione. 

Another important aspect of the detox from mold is a strong gut microbiome. This can be achieved by following a quality diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics.

Of course, prevention also plays a role. When possible, stay away from it, especially if you know it’s inside some old house walls.