5 Alarming Traits of a Person with Borderline Personality Disorder

People with BPD are always feeling unstable. Instability is common in different aspects of their lives, including their mood, thinking, attitude, and even identity. 

These individuals feel like they’re on a rollercoaster. This isn’t only because of their instability in their relationships or feelings, but the sense of who they really are. 

Their self-image, goals, and their likes and dislikes change often in ways that aren’t clear.

These people are highly sensitive like they have an exposed nerve ending. In fact, even the smallest things can cause explosive reactions in them. When they’re upset, it’s not easy to calm down.

In the overwhelmed state, these people can’t think clearly and as a result, they say hurtful things or act out. This causes them to be ashamed or feel guilty later.

Although it may seem like a vicious cycle that can’t be escaped, it’s not. There are helpful coping skills and treatments that allow BPD people to feel better and control their emotions and thoughts.

5 Alarming Sounds of a Person with BPD

This disorder manifests in various ways; however, there are common symptoms that help mental health professionals make a diagnosis. 

For a person to be diagnosed with BPDA, they must show at least five of the nine symptoms. 

We’ll show the first five. 

  1. Fear of being abandoned

BPD individuals fear being alone. It may just be their partner being late from work or going away during the weekend. 

As a result, they tend to go to extremes to keep those people close, including fights, begging, clinging, tracking their movements, or even physical blockage. 

But, this behavior only drives the other person away.

  1. Relationships that are unstable

People with this disorder have short and intense relationships. 

They tend to fall in love fast and believe that every new partner is the one who will make them feel whole. 

However, they quickly disappoint and for them, the relationship becomes either ideal or horrible. 

There’s no middle ground. They rapidly shift from idealizing someone to hating them.

  1. Blurry self-image

With BPD, the sense of self isn’t stable. 

At times, these people feel good about themselves, but in other situations, they see themselves as evil and even hate themselves. 

They lack an idea of who they are or what they want in life. So, they will change jobs constantly, as well as friends, partners, religion, goals, and even sexual identity.

  1. Self-destructive behaviors

These people often behave in a way that they seek sensation, particularly when they’re upset. 

For example, they may impulsively spend money that they can’t afford, shoplift, engage in risky sexual behaviors, or overdo it with alcohol and drugs. 

Though some of these things may offer instant gratification, they will hurt you and those around you long-term.

  1. Self-harm 

Having suicidal thoughts or hurting themselves is common in BPD individuals. 

They make suicide-related threats or gestures or actually carry out an attempt at suicide. They may also self-harm by cutting or burning themselves.