These 6 Types of Physical Pain May Signal an Emotional Problem

The body often expresses what the mind is unable to handle, without us being aware. This phenomenon is called psychogenic pain or physical pain linked with emotional distress.

This concept isn’t new-in fact, ancient medicinal practicals like Ayurveda have been aware of the link between the brain and body. 

This type of pain is caused by factors like anxiety and depression. It’s closely associated with depression and anxiety, but it may also be triggered by stress. 

People struggling with depression and anxiety may experience this type of pain throughout the whole body, even without an apparent physical cause.

This pain is more challenging to treat than the pain caused by an injury or other type of damage. 

Some herbal remedies and gentle stretches may relieve the issue, but it’s also necessary to address the root of the problem. Below, check out the most common six types of physical pain that may be caused by an emotional problem you’re experiencing.

6 Types of Physical Pain Caused by an Emotional Problem

  1. Shoulder ache

According to Darragh Simon who has been teaching yoga for a decade, having tension in the shoulders may be a sign of excessive weight of the world around you. 

You often take more than you can handle and the stress is a sign that you’re overwhelmed. 

Try to slow down and focus on priorities.  Take time for self-care and realize that you’re worth your time just like others are.

  1. Lower backache

Self-help author and life coach, Ronda Degaust, notes that lower back pain may be a sign of financial worries. 

It’s maybe that the person is fearing that they don’t have enough or that they may lose their money. 

The money amount has nothing to do with the pain, but it’s rather the fear of their survival that increases the ache.

  1. Knee pain

The knees allow us to bend and flow in life. 

They’re the center of the power of the legs. When our knees are healthy, we can bend them easily. If they’re not, the bending is painful and difficult. 

Rigid knees may have to do with stubbornness and egocentrism. If this is the case with you, try to learn how to relax more and show humbleness and more compassion for others.

  1. Painful hands

If you feel pain in your hands, you may be getting involved in others’ emotional struggles a bit too much. 

Being empathic and supportive is beneficial, but make sure you have a limit and find time for yourself as well.

  1. Pain in the upper back

The upper back pain may have to do with insufficient emotional support. You may not feel loved or you may be hiding your love for someone. 

Open yourself to love more-just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you can’t seek love elsewhere. 

Spend quality time with friends, explore, start dating, and happiness and love will come when you least expect it!

6. Neck pain

Neck pain may be associated with your struggles to forgive yourself or others. 

The neck is a place where we hold guilt, according to kinesiology expert and Reiki practitioner, Lori D’Ascenzo. 

If you judge yourself too hard, you can benefit by writing down all those things that you’re proud of and that you love about yourself and others and the things that you’re not as proud of. Let it all out.