5 Signs of a Romantic Manipulation

It’s not always easy to spot that we’re being emotionally manipulated. 

However, recognizing the symptoms of being manipulated in a relationship will be much easier if you could be on the outside and look in.

As Leah Carey, a sex and intimacy coach notes, emotional manipulation is making the other partner behave like they want them to. 

This is achieved through words and comments that will make the other side feel negative about their emotions, actions, and thoughts. 

Some of the most common methods that manipulators resort to are threats, drama, and gaslighting.

This doesn’t just make the relationship worse, but it can also damage your emotional well-being.

Below, check out the five revealing signs of being manipulated in a relationship!

10 Signs You’re Being Manipulated in a Romantic Relationship

  1. He/she makes dramatic statements

Manipulators often use dramatic statements like “I thought you would be capable of understanding” or “You’re the only person I’ve ever loved”. They will cry and shame you into changing your thinking. 

  1. They’re constantly asking you to prove your love

Partners who’re constantly testing your dedication and say things like “if you loved me, you would…” are trying to use guilt and emotions to shame you into doing something that you shouldn’t or that you simply don’t want to. 

Though it may sound innocent at first, it’s actually manipulative behavior.

  1. They cry on demand

Crocodile tears are common on manipulators’ faces. 

They will try to make their voice shaky and make you believe that it’s really hard for them. 

These aren’t tears that naturally flow, but they look like they’re being pushed out.

  1. Emotional blackmail is regular

Partners who manipulate will try to make you feel guilty, obligated, or afraid of/from your decisions and boundaries. 

They may use something over you like some secret or conversation you previously had as a means to scare you to do something like they want it to be.

  1. They love to play the victim

No matter who’s the one to blame, it’s your manipulative partner who’s heartbroken and in disbelief from what you’ve done to them and hurt them like that. 

Even when they’re the ones who make a mistake, they’ll do their best to make you feel like you’re wrong and unworthy. 

This is all being done so that they don’t take responsibility for their actions.