5 Tell-Tale Signs of an Abrasive Personality & How to Deal with It

Being abrasive or acting abrasively doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. However, you may be hard to be around.

Even if you’re the best at what you do, you may have noticed others being uncomfortable in your surrounding. These people look like they would prefer to be somewhere else and without you.

This could be hard to handle and you’ve often heard others connecting the word “abrasive” with your name. But, what does it actually mean to have an abrasive personality, and is there something we can do about it?

Abrasive Personality Explained

There are usually two types of abrasive individuals, that is, the ones who know they’re abrasive and are proud of it and the others who’re not aware that they’re abrasive.

The first type tends to be narcissistic and self-centered. They care about their ego more than how they’re affecting others with their actions and words. This makes them difficult to spend time with. 

The other type tends to mean well; however, they often say the wrong things and hurt or anger those around them unintentionally. 

How to Recognize A Person with an Abrasive Personality

  1. You’re not empathic 

You’re never described by others as an empath. 

You rarely acknowledge and try to understand others’ emotions. You never consider what’s the impact of your actions and words on others. 

This doesn’t mean you care less than some other people, but you don’t seem to understand the connection between people and their emotions.

  1. You make others feel uncomfortable

Due to your egocentrism and lack of empathy, others tend to find it hard to be around you. 

You constantly brag about your achievements and diminish that of others, you make jokes at other people’s expense, you interrupt others and dismiss their ideas, emotions, and thoughts. 

And you tend to tear down those who disagree with you or are unable to keep up.

  1. You’re nitpicky

Abrasive people enjoy criticizing others. 

They don’t see a point in keeping all of the criticism for themselves. They believe that they help others when they tell them what they’re doing wrong. 

They don’t realize that people can get offended and that we should pick our words and moments when we want to help others become better, not just offer our opinion! 

  1. You enjoy tough love

You believe others are too sensitive and need to be tougher, not just to survive in this cruel world, but to survive in life generally. 

Your aim is to help others grow a thicker skin; however, you’re not always aware of the damage you might be causing. 

Not all people are the same and we need to understand and value others’ perspectives and life experiences as well.

  1. You’re opinionated and outspoken

We all have the right to our opinion, but you rarely miss the chance to provide yours. 

You don’t necessarily think others have less right to their opinion, but you always speak out what you believe in and argue with people who disagree with you. 

Moreover, you prefer having the last word and this is something you have to do. You’re obsessed with being right and as a result, you often dismiss others’ opinions and beliefs.