Why Strong Women Have More Anxiety & How to Cope

Anxiety disorders elevate the risk of depression and suicide. 

These are some of the most common mental health problems and happen in four out of 100 people. They cost the health care system and the working sector in the US $42 billion yearly. 

According to research, women have a twice higher likelihood of anxiety than men. It’s believed that the reason behind this is the brain chemistry and hormonal fluctuations in women. 

The reproductive events in a woman’s life are linked with changes in hormones that have been associated with anxiety. 

For example, the progesterone and estrogen that happens during pregnancy elevate the risk of OCD. Women dealing with the daily stressors in life are likelier to ruminate about them and thus, this elevates their anxiety.

On the other hand, men tend to cope in a more problem-solving manner. 

In some other studies, women are found likelier to be victims of physical and mental abuse which has been associated with anxiety disorders.

What Does It Mean to Be a Strong Woman?

Strong women share their opinions and speak out the truth, even when they’re afraid. They’re good listeners, but don’t accept others’ issues as their own.

You can lean on her, but she won’t allow you to exploit her. She will take on calculated risks and transform her failures into lessons. She knows when to keep going and when to give up. 

She prefers wisdom over wealth and power. 

She is a woman who’s kind, generous, faithful, compassionate, and willing. Strong women tend to be intelligent so the risk of anxiety is higher for them. 

This is because the higher a person’s IQ, the higher the chances of anxiety.

How to Cope with Anxiety?

  1. Worry, but do it productively 

Strong women have wisdom and this means seeing the bigger picture. Thinking of the future tends to cause worries, but you can transform it into motivation. 

Plan and see things ahead and be practical, rather than just worrying and imagining scenarios in your head.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Indeed, “done is better than perfect and perfect doesn’t exist”. Good enough can be wonderful. 

Ask for help from people whom you can trust when you’re feeling stuck. They can help you see the path clearer.

  1. Face the fears

Facing your fears will help you outgrow them. 

Confront them and minimize stressful triggers. 

Sometimes, anxiety gets to the best of people. You need to recognize what’s causing your fear and address it properly. Taking care of yourself should be a priority.