What Is EFT Tapping & How Does It Help You Heal

EFT tapping or emotional freedom technique is an alternative treatment of ache and emotional distress. It’s also known as tapping or psychological acupressure.

People who practice tapping believe that it optimizes the energy system balance and relieves pain. Its creator, Gary Craig, says that energy disruption is the main reason for our negative feelings and aches.

Although the research on this technique is still ongoing, it’s already widely used by people with anxiety and PTSD.

EFT Tapping Explained

Similar to acupuncture, EFT’s focus is on the meridian points or the energy hot spots. 

The aim is to balance the energy of the body. This is believed to alleviate the symptoms triggered by some negative feeling or experience.

According to Chinese medicine, these points are areas where the body’s energy flows. 

These are pathways that contribute to a balanced flow of energy and optimize health. The imbalance of these pathways may increase the risk of illnesses. 

Instead of needles for the application of pressure as it’s the case in acupressure, in EFT, the fingers are the main tool for tapping. 

By tapping, we signalize the brain part which manages stress. 

The stimulation of these points through tapping may lower stress and negative feelings associated with a problem and ultimately contribute to a balance in your bodily energy.

5 Steps to Do EFT Tapping at Home

  1. Locate the problem

For EFT tapping to be helpful, you should identify the problem or fear first. 

This is the point of tapping. Focus on one issue at a time to optimize the healing.

  1. Try the intensity

After identifying the issue, place a level of intensity that you can rate from 0 to 10. 

10 is the most difficult. This scale will assess the physical or emotional problem you feel. This helps you monitor your progress after a whole EFT session. 

  1. Set everything up

Before you start tapping, set a phrase that will explain what you’re trying to achieve. 

This phrase should recognize the problems and accept yourself. 

For example: “Although I have this…., I deeply accept myself”. Change it if needed. Focus on how the issue is making you feel so that you alleviate the stress caused by it. 

  1. The tapping sequence

This is a methodic tapping on nine meridian points. 

Our body has 12 main meridians that correspond to our organs. However, in EFT, the focus is on the following nine:

  • Karate chop, small intestine
  • Top of head, governing vessel
  • Eyebrow, bladder 
  • Side of the eye, gallbladder
  • Under the eye, stomach 
  • Under the nose, governing vessel
  • Chin, central vessel 
  • Beginning of the collarbone, the kidneys 
  • Under the arm, the spleen

Tap the first point while reciting the phrase three times. 

Tap each point after, seven times, moving down your body in the following order: eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone, and under the arm.

  1. Test the intensity

At the end of the sequence, rate the intensity from 0 to 10. Compare the results with the initial level. Repeat until you reach 0.