Homeless Couple Gets a Surprise Wedding Organized for Them & a Total Makeover after being Together for 24 Years

Since they met, 24 years ago, the now 50-year-old Rosalyn Ferrer and 55-year-old Rommel Basco wanted to get married; however, as they both lived on the streets of the Pampanga province in the Phillippines, life wasn’t easy at all and this never happened.

For the last couple of years, the two have been living in a small shack in an empty area of a wasteland. They have six kids and a wedding was a luxury.

But, little did they know that Richard Strandz, a hair salon owner working near their home, would fulfill a long-lost dream of theirs.

The couple collects and sells discarded plastics and it barely gets them to buy food for their family. 

The Wedding They’ve Been Waiting for & a Lovely Makeover

Strandz met the couple and soon learned their story. He wanted to do something special for them. Eventually, he came up with the idea to organize a surprise wedding for the couple, as well as a makeover and a photoshoot.

All of this was organized to happen on the 13th of February on Valentine’s Day. When he told them the plan, they were speechless.

Rosalyn said how she dreamed of a white wedding when she was a little girl. But, this has gone out of her mind a long time ago.

She says how they never had enough money and it became a priority in their daily life to get food. She felt blessed and thankful that this would happen. The surprise wedding organized by Strandz was something that they’ll be forever grateful for.

According to Richard, he was inspired to do this for the couple after they told him that they’d been living together for more than two decades but were never able to afford even a small wedding.

The Makeover Was Amazing & the Family Was Beyond Happy to Share this Moment

Rosalyn and Rommel tried out several outfits for the photo shoot for their special day, for which they waited too long.

They took a stroll through their neighborhood, all dressed up and smiling. Their neighbors loved it. Rosalyn was a lovely bride. She picked out a wonderful white dress for her white wedding, the one she dreamed of as a girl. 

Richard asked dear friends to give the couple a total makeover for the photoshoot. Despite not being legally married, Richard said he will pay for the church ceremony once their marriage papers are in order.

Richard said he was deeply touched by their love story and contacted some of his friends with wedding supply businesses and asked them if they would agree to a charity wedding.

Together, they will pay for the lovely couple’s church wedding that they hope will occur sometime this year.

Richard said that true love deserves celebration. This is a special story, regardless of whether you’ve been blessed with money or not.