Your Dream Job?- Candy Company Is Looking for a Chief Candy Officer to Taste-Test the Products (The Pay Is Amazing)

If you’re looking for a new job challenge and you can’t live without sweets, this job is ideal for you.

Namely, a North American online candy retailer published a job posting and the only requirement they have is that the person has a sweet tooth.

But, what may set you back from applying may be the competition which is probably huge. 

The company, Candy Funhouse, is searching for the first-ever and probably only one in the world, Chief Candy Officer.

And, the salary is great: $100,000 Canadian dollars or $78,000 US dollars. 

What Is the Role of a Chief Candy Officer in the Candy Company?

The job description says that the CCO of the company will have plenty of responsibility. He or she will be the one who approves all of the candy in the inventory.

For this to happen, they will have to do a lot of taste-testing or approximately 3500 products every month. The CCO will also decide which of their sweet treats will earn the company’s stamp of approval.

The CCO will also be the head of candy board meetings and also in charge of all fun-related activities. The job can be done remotely; however, they also offer the chance to work from their offices in Toronto or Newark, New Jersey, for their American residents.

A CCO With Golden Taste Buds & a Sweet Tooth

The company is seeking a person with golden taste buds and a sweet tooth. 

Also, the company will offer them extensive palate training. A potential candidate is an enthusiastic person who is willing to try out new things and offer honest insight and opinions.

Moreover, they should be a creative person with good leadership skills and readiness. The age requirement is at least five years old. 

Parents can also apply on behalf of their kids. 

They believe that their company needs a real candy fanatic. The CEO of Candy Funhouse, Jamal Hejazi, says that whoever gets the job should be ready for the ride of a lifetime. 

If this person has chocolate flowing through their veins, they’re perfect for the job and should apply.