Terminally Ill Teen Donates Life Savings before Death to Help Out a 6-Year-Old with Cancer

In November last year, the 19-year-old Rhys Langford was told that his cancer came back and that this time, it has spread.

He was given only months left to live.

This is when he decided to donate his life savings to one six-year-old boy whom he never met. The 19-year-old Rhys was diagnosed with bone cancer in October 2020 or osteosarcoma.

After 16 long months of chemo, immunotherapy, surgery, and physiotherapy, as well as internal bleeding, blood and platelet transfusions, and two blood clots, at one point, he was declared free of cancer.

However, things changed last year when he began getting ill again.

Rhys Was Given only Months Left to Live After a Second Cancer Diagnosis 

This time, Rhys got sepsis and a major blood clot in his femoral vein. He was in the hospital for five weeks again and underwent a lot of tests, including CT scans and MRIs. Unfortunately, on the 4th of January, he was informed that his cancer came back. 

At this point, doctors couldn’t do anything and Rhys knew his end is near.

Despite accepting that his journey is close to an end, Rhys was devastated when he learned that Jacob’s had just started. The six-year-old was diagnosed with neuroblastoma before Christmas in 2017.

His family gathered thousands of pounds for experimental therapy. 

After months of chemo and surgeries, the boy was free of cancer in 2019. But, in January, they found a new lesion on his liver. His family feared that cancer had gotten back. 

When Rhys learned of the news, he donated 1000 pounds from his savings and also opened up a GoFundMe where he raised more than 46,000 pounds for the boy.

Rhys said that he realized nothing could be done for him; however, one of his last wishes was to help out Jacob in the fight against the horrible illness. He said he knew how awful the drugs are and what they do to the body.

The six-year-old, Rhys explained, doesn’t deserve this. He’s been fighting the disease for most of his life. 

Jacob’s family said that they’re thankful to Rhys and they send him thoughts and love. They wrote that they have a donation from the amazing young Rhys who wanted to help their boy. 

He told them that although the doctors can’t save him, he wanted to help save a young boy.