Rapper Post Malone Goes Viral for His Patience & Kindness When Meeting a Fan with Autism on His Birthday

Austin Richard Post or Post Malone is a 26-year-old top-selling rap artist.

A Birthday Wish for My Coworker
A Birthday Wish for My Coworker

He has amassed 95 million digital single sales and 13 million album sales in his career. The Syracuse, New York native was also ranked as the 10th Top Artist of the 2010s by Billboard Magazine.

Despite his huge popularity, fame, and success, he always has time for his beloved fans. He’s very humble and kind.

And, a recent video of the artist meeting with an autistic fan on his birthday showed why people love him so much and that what they say about him is true.

Post Malone Shares a Drink with His Fan 

The meeting was spontaneous. 

It happened when Nicole Schumacher and her son Andrew and his brother Paul visited a restaurant to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. They ran into the rapper at the Beverly Hills Restaurant Matsuhisa and it’s a moment they’ll remember forever.

Andrew has a hard time interacting with strangers and not everyone is patient with him. However, Post Malone was amazing. 

Andrew decided to get a beer for the special moment and Post jokingly told him to have fun, but not too much fun. 

People who saw the video online said that they love celebrities who’re so much nicer than regular people. Despite his fame and money, Malone never forgot who he is. Plus, he makes awesome music!

It’s Not the Money that Matters, but Kindness, Patience & Understanding

This video definitely shows us what really matters in life: kindness and understanding. Giving our time to speak and listen to others and realize that this can make their day. We must never forget that we’re all fighting a battle and we should always show kindness. 

Andrew thanked Post Malone for being nice to him on his birthday. The family was very grateful and said to Post Malone that he was a very nice man and that they were fortunate to meet him. 

Music is everything to Andrew, especially Post Malone’s songs, explained his mother Nicole. 

Check out the emotional encounter here: