Mother Defends Her Decision to Put Her Kid on a Leash: “It’s for Safety”

Parents often talk about the ways in which they protect their children and ensure they stay safe. 

From outlet covers in the home to children’s seats, parents do their best to keep their kids safe from danger and harm as much as they can.

However, one recent safety measure taken by a mother has gone viral and sparked quite a debate.  The mom decided to speak up and defended her decision to do this.

The mother, Desiree Hoye, began her story by saying that before she was a mom, she was the person who would say, “I will never put my kid on a leash, he’s not a dog!”

But, little did she know that she would do just that. Here’s how she defended this unusual behavior that many parents condemned while others supported.

Keep Your Kid Close & Protect Them from Harm (Is Keeping Them on a Leash the Best Way to Do It?) 

After she gave birth to her child and became a mother, Hoye started seeing a trend in the news. Namely, she heard, almost daily, about new tragic stories of accidents that could’ve been avoided if young kids stayed close to their parents.

She learned that more than 2000 kids go missing every day due to abductions that happen within seconds. 

Aware of all of these threats, Hoye wonders if parents and guardians should really blame her for adding an extra safety step when it comes to her kid.

She emphasizes how young kids tend to wander off on their own so the whole panic concerning missing kids is more than a good reason to use a kid leash when they’re out and about.

Not Everyone Supports Hoye’s Decision: Many Condemn Her

Not everyone supports the fact that Hoye walks her kid with a leash attached to him or that other parents are doing the same. Someone commented that this is a terrible thing to do! They’re worried that harnesses can actually harm the child and are not designed for them.

Physically though, the evidence isn’t conclusive on whether kids can be injured by harnesses. 

The psychological effect is also worrisome, considering that leashes are associated with pets, not really kids. Despite the negative comments she received, Hoye says she won’t give up this method any time soon.

She actually finds it helpful. The nasty comments from others don’t affect her to do this extra step of protecting her closest ones.  She explains that she chooses safety for her children, today and every day.

She loves them more than anything in the whole world. She doesn’t mind the odd looks from strangers who she’ll never see again. 

If You Are a Parent, Here Is What You Should Consider Before Deciding on Kid Leashes

Whether or not you’re going to use a child leash, it’s up to you because this concerns you and the safety of your family.

Before deciding on using a leash with your kid, here are the major things you  should take into account:

  • Opt for harnesses or backpack-style leashes. The wrist or hand-held ones require a cooperative kid, which may not be suitable for everyone
  • Read the instructions well. Using the harness properly will decrease the risk of injuries 
  • Choose a harness that fits optimally. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose
  • Watch out for the Consumer Product Safety Commission