“You Are Going to Regret This”-High School Sweethearts Marry at 19 despite Criticism

Getting married at any age, especially when you’re younger, comes with a lot of challenges. 

But, stories of couples like this one prove to us that if it’s with the right person, marriage can be wonderful and last for a lifetime.

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Happily married at the age of 19, Hannah and Donovan’s decision to get married so young was met with skepticism, but they made it.

Hannah Rooks from Morenci, Arizona shared her inspiring love story to Love What Matters and said that it all began one evening.

Couple Marries at 19-Everyone Tells Them that They’re Going to Regret It

Hannah was the ideal driver for her 13-year-old brother because she had recently gotten her driver’s license. One evening, she drove herself to her brother’s school and went into the gymnasium.

This is where she saw Donovan for the first time. He played football. She noticed him because of his black and curly hair. And, she says he had the most beautiful smile.

She noticed that he had a limp and she approached him and asked about it. He explained to her what happened and then they exchanged smiles. 

The spark was on and both of them felt it. A few weeks after they first met, they decided to catch up and went for coffee at Starbucks. Their official date happened after a month. 

A scavenger led Hannah to a clue where she went to the Christmas tree in the town. Donovan waited for her there.

Their strong friendship transformed into an even stronger love. But, very soon, a big challenge was in front of them. 

Love, Distance & a lot of Lessons

After graduating from high school, Hannah and Donovan went to college. But, they went to different colleges and were faced with a huge challenge, i.e., distance. 

Hannah had to move to Idaho to start the semester whereas Donovan had a scholarship from the University of Montana.

Although they were only four hours away from each other, their priorities had changed. Donovan was very busy with football and Hannah was dedicated to her college life.

The two decided to break up. 

However, Hannah had already bought a ticket for Thanksgiving to go home and visit Donovan in Idaho. The ticket wasn’t refundable. Donovan proposed to Hannah to still come and told her they can hang out as friends, the same as they were before being involved romantically.

When she came back to visit Donovan, she saw that he had crutches due to a recent surgery. When she saw him, it was like a deja vu. He was the same boy with curly hair, and a lovely smile, someone who she loved a lot.

This moment made the two realize that they were tested and that they didn’t fail. So, they decided to give it another chance. This time, they wanted their relationship to be better and to show more understanding for each other.

Married at 19: Their Families Thought It Was too Soon

Only several months later, when Hannah and Donovan were 19, they decided to get married. Although they found themselves ready for this new role in their lives, some of their family members and friends told them to rethink their decision.

They advised them it was too soon and that they were not really ready. The couple is thankful that they went on with their marriage. They followed each other’s hearts and kept going strong.

Another challenge was in front of them again. 

Four months after they got married, Donovan wanted to become a police officer and needed to go away to the police academy. But, this period of distance taught them a lot, especially about how to communicate properly.

They grew strong with each passing moment and had immense respect for each other. They didn’t look for a fault but learned how to appreciate each other.

Their love story is of respect and understanding. Hannah said that they’re not only growing old together but growing up together.