Heartbroken Pet Owner Gets a Tattoo of Her Beloved Dog Who Passed Away Using a Mix of Ink & His Ashes

Robyn Moscrop lost her beloved dog pet back in 2019 unexpectedly when he was only three years old. This traumatized her so much and she looked for ways to heal the pain. She decided to adopt a new pet.

Moscrop said that if it weren’t for her new pet, it would’ve been so hard to talk about her beloved pet who she lost too soon. Alabama, her new pet, filled the empty space that the loss of her previous dog left. 

Thanks to her, she has healed from the loss of her beloved dog. However, one thing’s for sure, Bronson will always be a part of her.

Unfortunately, the 27-year-old said he died too young, at the age of three. 

When searching for a way to remember him and their special bond, she thought of a tattoo. But, this is a special tattoo, with an ink that contains a part of Bronson himself.

Robyn Gets Tattoed with the Ashes of Her Beloved Dog Bronson

Robyn had Bronson cremated. She also planned on getting a tattoo featuring a portrait of Bronson. She also decided to include some of the dog’s ashes in the ink used for the tattoo.

She said that having his ashes on her body means that he’s always by her side, regardless of what happens. Mixing the ink with his ashes meant that she could never misplace or lose the memory of Bronson.

Bronson is now a forever part of her. Seeing the process of tattooing Bronson’s portrait was one of the most emotional moments, according to Robyn. Seeing the final result brought her to tears.

The tattoo artist happens to be Robyn’s boyfriend. He’s located in the West Midlands of the UK. 

Although it may seem silly to others, she explained, she’ now feels that wherever she goes, her Bronson is with her and he’s not missing out a thing.

Bronson Was a Real Charmer

When remembering Bronson, Robyn says that he was the most charming dog ever. He left an impression on everyone because he had a vibrant personality.

He kept her busy and often, she would see others’ well-behaved dogs and wanted Bronson to be like them.

Bronson was all over the place: he was running around and often was a bit too much. 

However, she never stopped loving him, not for a second. He was a spoiled dog who received so much love. The tattooing process took eight hours, but it was worth it. 

She says the photo for the portrait is her favorite of Bronson. It shows his happy face and sparkling eyes. She’s grateful because her boyfriend did a fantastic job.