Hemp Company Buys 1000 Acres of Land to Create Affordable Home Community & Show Hemp’s Versatility

This Canadian hemp manufacturing company will purchase 664 acres of land in and around Hayden town. 

The plan is to build affordable housing made of hemp-based materials in the upcoming 25 years.

This is the third purchase of land near Hayden for the Global Hemp Group based in Vancouver for this year. The company now owns a total of around 874 acres of land.

Expanding the Land for Hemp Cultivation & Building Affordable Housing

The company, according to its official release, its land purchases are to expand the hemp cultivation efforts. Eventually, the land will be used to build affordable homes from hemp-based materials. 

This land purchase is part of their Colorado Hemo Agro-Industrial Zone project. The goal is to show the viability of construction materials made from hemp for the construction of homes.

These materials are also sustainable and inexpensive, explains the company. 

According to the town manager, Mathew Mendisco, this development is the type of business that Hayden has been trying to attract as they expect the closing of Hayden Station by 2028 and the loss of tax revenue that will occur. 

However, Mendisco notes that the town leaders have only had quality conversations with the company and weren’t responsible for its recruitment to the area.

Back in May, the company purchased 44 acres of land in Hayden town. They say it’s a multi-use property that will serve as the center for the manufacturing projects. Later that same month, they also bought additional 175 acres of annexed land.

In the release, the company explained that its vertically integrated project is about the use of substantial existing water resources for irrigation and cultivation of industrial hemp. 

It also promotes processing and using hemp in the on-site production of green renewable products for construction. They also want to build, inexpensive and carbon-neutral housing in the future.

Where Is the Land Located?

The land is located in the southernmost area of Hayden. Nearly 900 acres are owned outside the limits of the city, although they’re still within the town’s plan.

This parcel has been discussed for development since the 2000s. The aim of the company is to display the hemp-building tech and promote it as an important and effective industry. 

According to Mendisco, hemp makes sense in Hayden since Natural Path Botanicals is already making CBD products from hemp. 

It’s also in harmony with the long tradition of agriculture in Hayden.