Doctors Are Warning: Lash Lice Are Becoming More Common in Eyelash Extensions

If you wear eyelash extensions often, do you remember the last time you cleaned them properly? 

According to some optometrists, there’s a rise in the cases of lash lice or Demodex due to users not realizing how important it is to clean them daily. Believe it or not, some users haven’t cleaned their lash extensions at all!

As a result, the number of bacteria increases, resulting in their proliferation and spreading. This further increases the risk of infections.

The symptoms of infection from eyelashes are redness, inflammation, and itchiness. 

Lash Lice Is Becoming More Common, Doctors Are Warning 

Lice are organisms that live on hair follicles. The same is the case with head lice, they can easily get transferred from one person to another.

According to Dr. Sairah Malik, irregular cleaning of lash extensions contributes to the buildup of bacteria. Malik goes on to explain that people with eyelash extensions are often worried to touch or wash them thinking the eyelash will fall out. 

But, cleaning the extensions is essential. She recommends using a base cleaner with tea tree oil. You can actually use any cleanser with a diluted form of tea tree oil on a daily basis for cleaning.

Tea tree oil is great for the skin, hair, and nails and it also possesses antibacterial properties. In addition to regular cleaning to prevent lash lice, you should also give the lashes a break from wearing on a regular basis. 

How to Spot Lash Lice?

According to Dr. Partha Nandi from WXYZ-TV Detroit, Demodex lice usually lives around the facial area, near the hair follicles, and they feed on dead skin cells. A lot of people may have some of these tiny parasites on them, but mostly they’re harmless.

The problem occurs when there are too many of them. To spot a lash lice infestation, look for small debris bits on the lashes along with inflammation and irritation around your eyes.

This should definitely be addressed if you wear eyelash extensions often. To prevent this from happening, clean the extensions daily.

You can also consult an optometrist to get proper advice and treatment, as well as professional cleaning. And, don’t forget: giving break to your eye by removing the lashes plays a pivotal role in the prevention of lash lice!