How to Make Alcohol Rosemary That Helps with Gout, Muscle Ache, Varicose Veins, and Cellulite

Cellulite is a frequent cosmetic issue causing headaches to people, especially ladies. 

It causes unpleasant bumps and dimples on the skin. It’s more common in women and around 98 percent of them have it.

Though it’s not a health-related issue, many dislike it and consider it unsightly and a lot of women feel self-conscious and stressed about it.

The bumpy skin reminds of an orange peel and it’s a result of the changes in fat cell structure and the connective tissues located under the surface of the skin.

As a result, the fat cells increase in size and begin to push outwards into the connective tissue. Moreover, the blood supply changes to the areas with cellulite may contribute to additional fluid in the tissue. 

This causes the skin to look bumpy. Cellulite is the most common in women and the affected areas are the belly, buttocks, and thighs. 

The triggers of cellulite remain unknown although there are several factors that contribute to it such as gender, inflammation, and lifestyle.  

The Categories of Cellulite 

Grade 0

No cellulite

Grade 1

The skin is smooth when you’re standing but there are orange-peel skin parts when sitting

Grade 2

There are orange-peel areas of the skin no matter if you’re sitting or standing. 

Grade 3

Your skin has an orange-peel appearance while you’re standing as well as depressed and raised parts.

Essential Oils to Alleviate Cellulite 

Herbal medicine and aromatherapy have gained a lot of respect from healing practitioners. 

Essential oils in some places like France are used with conventional medicines. Moreover, an increasing number of medical doctors include aromatherapy and essential oils in their therapies.

For a long period of time, essential oils have been used as means of improving overall health and well-being, including the prevention and treatment of cellulite. 

There are several powerful essential oils that can be of great aid if you’re looking to relieve cellulite naturally and decrease bumpy skin areas.

One of the most praised essential oils for cellulite is rosemary. It will stimulate and energize your blood flow and help lower the development of cellulite.

In fact, in a study done with 40 female participants and published in the Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology journal, it was found that rosemary prevented cellulite from forming by 52.9 percent and it also strengthened the skin and bettered its elasticity by 57.9 percent. 

When it comes to rosemary for cellulite, rosemary alcohol is one of the most popular remedies for cellulite reduction. The preparation and application are easy and it’s definitely worth a try.

How to Prepare Rosemary Alcohol for Cellulite? 

A sprig of rosemary leaves and flowers 

Rubbing alcohol 

2 Glass containers


Chop the rosemary and set the chopped pieces of rosemary inside the container. Cover them with alcohol and close the container. 

Set it in a dark and cold area for 15 days. Afterward, strain it into another container and store it in a dark and cold area.

How to apply it for cellulite:

Massage the affected areas using the mixture before bed.