You’ll Never Walk into a Pharmacy Again: Try This 100% Nourishing “Bomb”

If you’re down with a cold or the flu, you will appreciate knowing the recipe for this healing tonic. 

If you feel like coming down with something or notice your voice has become hoarser, get the ingredients and prepare yourself this nourishing “bomb”. 

Even if you’re not down with a cold or the flu, it’s beneficial having this recipe for a soothing elixir. It will make winters warmer and help calm down the belly and the throat. 

Which Are the Ingredients You Need?

To make an optimal nourishing “bomb”, you need the best quality ingredients. If possible, we advise using raw and local honey. 

Avoid the supermarket versions because they’re mostly pasteurized. This causes honey to lose plenty of its healing properties, including antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial ones.

On the other hand, locally sourced honey contains pollen from the area where you live, and consuming a bit of it daily can be of aid if you suffer from hay fever. For a long time, lemon and ginger have been added to various healing warm drinks and teas. 

Traditionally used for soothing the digestive system, this combo is praised as effective in reducing nausea and an aching belly. It may also be used as an immune system boost, which makes it essential for those cold days of winter when we fall ill more often. 

The lemon inside this drink will provide you with ample amounts of vitamin C which keeps the cells safe from radical damage. Ginger will boost your blood flow and help you calm down the belly. 

Honey, Ginger & Lemon Nutrition Boost Remedy

Here are the ingredients you will need:

400 grams/ a cup of honey

2 lemons, sliced

An inch of ginger root, sliced

500 ml jar with a lid

Preparation process:

Put the lemon, honey, and ginger in the jar in layers. Repeat this process until you’ve used all of the ingredients. 

Close the lid and set the jar in the fridge. Keep it there for at least 12 hours so that all the flavors can combine well. 

Afterward, it’s ready for consumption.

How to consume:

Add one or two teaspoons of the combo into a glass of warm water and consume it at once. 

You can keep the mixture in the fridge for up to two months.

Important to know:

It’s completely normal for the lemon juice and honey will divide in the jar. The honey will drop on the bottom and the elixir will be lemony and gingery towards the top. 

So, instead of constantly mixing the ingredients together, you should just take a spoon of the juice and then a spoon of the honey by going deeper.